my name is Jiří Kalát (born in Havlíčkův Brod in year 1984) and for the last few years I have traveled around the world, worked for some magazines and newspapers and lectured at different places.

10827981_10152948751203819_2358222375869902342_oMy wanderings led me to most European countries, such as France, Great Britain, Germany, Holland and many others. My shoes were on the soil of the United States (especially long time in Alaska state), Guatemala, Mexico, Turkey, Georgia, Laos and New Zealand. For several months I was quite lucky to live in Estonia and year I lived in the Holy land. In each state or city I use to be interested in ordinary people, their habits and lives. My first task was always to explore the country through which I passed through and understood the people who I met.

I you would like to know more about me, just contact me by email: or by phone: 00420 737 768 811.

Jiří Kalát
journalist, photographer and traveler

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